1. What is the West End?

The West End refers to the west end of both Montrose and San Miguel Counties. With a large mountain range dividing both counties, the physical geography has helped create the terminology of the “West End.” The region is located approximately 1 hour from Telluride, CO, 1 hour from Moab, UT and 1 hour from Gateway Canyons Resort (Gateway, CO). The nearest stoplight is nearly 100 miles away, so if you want to get away from it all, this is the place to do it!


2. What towns are located in the West End?

The towns of Nucla, Naturita, and Norwood and townships of Paradox, Redvale and Bedrock are all located in the West End. Nucla, Naturita and Norwood all have town governments whereas Paradox, Redvale and Bedrock are unincorporated.


3. What is there to do in the West End?

We like to say “everything but the beach.” If you enjoy outdoor activities, this is the place for you – everything from mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, jeeping, fishing, hunting – and more. Annual events are held in the West End, including Water Days in Nucla, the annual 4×4 Jeep Tour, Pioneer Days in Norwood, and much more.


4. What are the recreational opportunities?

Biking (road, mountain and motocross), hiking, ATV trips, horseback riding, petroglyph tours, wild horse viewing, fishing, hunting, camping, boating, stand-up paddle boarding, museum tours, and so much more!


5. What restaurants are in the West End?

A full list of restaurants coming soon!

6. Are there good grocery stores in the West End?

There sure are! Nucla is served by Redd’s Market (traditional grocer) and Wild Gal’s Market (organic and local foods), Naturita is served by Family Market (traditional grocer) and Norwood is served by Clark’s Market (traditional grocer) and the F.R.E.S.H. Food Hub (organic and local foods).

7. What is the population of the West End?

  • Nucla: 701
  • Naturita: 519
  • Norwood: 575
  • Paradox:  Approximately 240*
  • Redvale: Approximately 180*
  • Bedrock: Approximately 16*

*Full demographics not available due to size of community.


8.  What are the schools like in the West End?

West End Public School District RE-2 covers approximately 1,000 square miles. The current (2019) district enrollment is 236 students in grades PreK-12. There are 129 students in grades PreK-6 and 107 students in grades 7-12.

The professional staff currently includes a district superintendent, three principals, 23 certified teachers, and 26 classified personnel. The versatility and solidity of the staff have helped to provide a low turnover rate.

There are presently 3 schools in the district: Naturita Elementary School (K-6), Nucla Middle/High School (7-12) and Paradox Charter School (K-12). Nucla High School has an 98% graduation rate with approximately 8% of students going on to a 4-year college, and 65% going on to a trade school.

The district works hard to maintain quality education by providing elevated academic classes, vocational and technical training, and special education programs. In addition, the district receives support from the Uncompahgre Board of Cooperative Services. Students throughout the district also have the advantage of excellent technology and the opportunity to obtain multiple college credits prior to graduation.

The parents and community are involved in the school through the booster club and a very active and productive district-wide accountability committee, as well as through building-level accountability committees.

Norwood School District presently has 1 K-12 school in the district, with 34 teachers and paraprofessionals and 9 administrative staff. Their student to teacher ration is 12:1, with 239 students enjoying the small class size.

Norwood School District can boast a 100% graduation rate, with approximately 55% of students pursuing a 4-year college degree after graduation.


9. What current businesses are in the West End?

The West End is a predominantly agriculture-based economy, and many of the businesses focus on this sector. But the West End also has many “lone wolf” businesses who take advantage of the superior broadband internet in the region. The businesses are a mix of agriculture, construction, light manufacturing, engineering, government and service-based businesses.


10. What is the climate like in the West End?

The West End is located in the desert Southwest and comprised of high desert mesas and valleys. With over 330 days of sunshine per year, the weather is typically hot and dry in the summer, and cool and dry in the winter. Visitors to Telluride frequently ski in the morning, and “come down” to the West End to enjoy mountain biking. Although we’re only a little over one-hour’s drive away, the difference in climate is notable.


11. What is the quality of life in the West End? Describe it.

The West End provides a wonderful quality of life for the residents of the region. Quiet and rural, you have to drive over an hour to the nearest Walmart. Your neighbor is likely to be a field full of cows or alfalfa hay. Outdoor recreation is spectacular, with every imaginable activity available for residents and visitors alike. (See Recreational Opportunities).

The communities of Norwood, Nucla and Naturita have adopted a “Dark Skies” initiative with the goal of limited light pollution at night. This means you can step off your front porch and see the Milky Way with the naked eye.

Frequent festivals keep everyone busy year-round, along with family friendly activities. Kids can safely ride their bikes in town and have a wonderful childhood making memories. How many communities can say that?


12. What is the cost of living? Compared to other areas/cities?

The cost of living is relatively low compared to the rest of Colorado. Everything is transported into the region by truck (no rail), but online services get you just about anything within 2 days.

Housing is still affordable in the region, with the average house costing around $185,000. Housing stock is limited, so the homes do not stay on the market very long. A new housing initiative is underway with the first house scheduled to be built in October of 2020. Compared to the average home price in urban areas of Colorado ($388,700), housing prices are significantly lower in the West End.

Housing rentals are significantly lower than the rest of the state as well. On average, rents range from $450 – $1200 per month.

Gasoline and grocery prices are in line with the majority of Colorado towns, and we fortunately don’t pay the prices charged in resort communities. Most products and services are readily available throughout the region.


13. What are the experiences of other families and residents?

The West End is a tight-knit community that is welcoming to everyone. Newcomers will find they are welcomed everywhere as soon as they volunteer to help in a community effort. Neighbors depend upon each other, and willingly give their assistance to help out when needed.

This is the kind of community where everyone knows you – and your child’s – name. Kids still play safely outdoors until they are called home at dusk.


14. Who can I speak to in order to discuss relocating to the West End?

Please call West End Economic Development Corporation at 970-865-2499, or email us at

15. What emergency services are available in the West End.

There are several medical and emergency clinics and services. Click below to find out more.