The southern gateway to the West End.

30 miles west of Telluride sits the town of Norwood, Colorado. Situated at 7,000 feet above sea level on Wright’s Mesa, this beautiful community boasts stunning views of the surrounding peaks and rolling ranchland as far as the eye can see. The town was officially incorporated in 1903, but it had long been a supply stop for cattle herders as they made their way to their summer pastures near Lone Cone Peak.

Historically known for its spectacular hunting opportunities, today outdoor recreationalists of all types flock to Norwood for its Old West charm and outdoor adventure. If you’re into water sports and camping, head to the Miramonte Reservoir for kayaking, paddle-boarding, or fishing on its shores, and plan to spend the night at the Miramonte Reservoir Campground in the Dan Noble State Wildlife Area. You can also hike Lone Cone Peak or go on a whitewater rafting adventure on the San Miguel River.

Norwood offers motels, B&B’s, several dining locations, two grocery stores, a gas station, bike repairs and ATV sales and repairs.