Home of the famous Bedrock Store

Near the center of the valley is the town of Bedrock. The town was established in 1883. The Bedrock Post Office opened on November 8, 1883. The town’s general store and post office were built on solid rock, hence the name. Bedrock is also the name of the fictional town setting of the Flintstones animated television series. The Town of Bedrock is essentially a ghost town with one spectacular feature – the Bedrock Store. Featured in the movie “Thelma and Louise,” this store is an oasis for the weary bicyclist headed down Highway 90 either from Moab, UT or Naturita, CO.

Purchased in 2018 by Tony and Sarah Pisano, they relocated from Brooklyn, NY to create a gem in the desert. Keeping the exterior much as it was years ago, the Bedrock Store is fully stocked with cold beverages and lots of great stories!